Driver Record Monitoring


A secure file transfer batch-based system which allows customers to register a list of drivers to be monitored and receive updates when violation information changes for a monitored driver. Once subscribed to the service, the customer sends a file to the sFTP location indicating drivers to add to monitoring. Each night, the system inspects the monitored drivers and provides a result file back to the customer containing either change records for the monitored driver records or the complete record depending on preferences established during enrollment. The results files are sent daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on customer preferences established during enrollment.

Customers are authorized by the MDOT MVA to access the service.  Services can only be accessed by subscribers that meet the federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) permissible use.  Companies are billed monthly for records searched through the system.


Launch Date May 2012
Type Secure FTP, Subscription, Custom Developed
Funding Model Premium Fee