Rapid Form Development

​Rapid Form Development

​​​NIC's Rapid Form Development platform, AccessGov, is a citizen portal that provides easy access to state, county, and city government. Citizens and businesses can discover anything from simple content to complex web forms. 

Save money and reduce time to market while offering a consistent, modern user experience.

  • ​​Cares Act applications & fund management / transparency solutions / payment distribution through Paypal/Venmo
  • Quickly convert paper forms, permits into digital forms and collect information from the public
  • Accept payments online, or send digital invoices over email or text message with Prompt Pay

Engage citizens

Guided search questions, the forms directory, and a natural language search allow citizens to easily find forms and content, on any device, at any time.

​Manage your forms and content

Build and maintain your own web forms and content, and tailor the citizen experience by scripting guided search questions, indexing content, and using qualifying questions to further assist users.​

​​Accept payments​

Add online payments to any web form in seconds. Payments are securely made through NIC Montana’s proven payment processor that includes reporting features.

Collect your data

View submissions online and receive applications through email. Access your data directly through the REST API, flat file extract, or the Perceptive Content integration.

Compliment your existing website

AccessGov can take your long list of forms and services and turn it into an interactive portal branded to match. AccessGov components can also be embedded directly into your existing site.

​... or create a new web presence

Don’t have a web presence? No problem. AccessGov can stand alone as a fully functional online citizen engagement portal. Just configure the content and start building web forms.​​​​​​