How Self-Funded Works


1. Enterprise-wide Approach

  • Supports all agencies with digital government needs, not just those with resources
  • Most services with transaction revenues are not self-supporting
  • Pooled transaction fees allow all agencies to build digital government services that benefit constituents

2. Transactional Revenue

  • Fees applied primarily to business-facing services
  • Those who use the services pay -- government pays nothing
  • Industries using services: banking, legal, transportation, insurance, and licensed professions
  • Covers all costs for digital government buildout & ongoing operation

3. Sustainable Funding Stream

  • Long-term funding source
  • Sidesteps recurring government funding challenges and allows digital government to thrive
  • No appropriations, tax hikes, or agency allocations needed

4. No-Cost Services

Majority of services provided at no cost to constituents

5. Reinvestment

Sustainable funding source is reinvested in:

  • Building new services
  • Expanding mobile solutions
  • Strengthening security
  • Adding staff to support evolving digital government priorities