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NIC Maryland designs, hosts, maintains, supports and markets digital government services at no cost for the State of Maryland through a self-funded master contract with the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT).
For services that have a statutory fee, an additional eGovernment transaction service fee is paid by the end-user or agency. Services with no statutory fees remain free under this model. The enterprise-funding model delivers eGovernment services for all state agencies through a work order process without the need for state budget allocation.

Work Order Process

The Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) provides oversight of the Self-Funded eGovernment Services master contract and approves all project work order requests.
The following process outlines the steps to work with NIC under the state's Self-Funded eGovernment (eGov) contract with the Department of Information Technology. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the DoIT IT Procurement Office at

  1. The requesting agency may contact NIC to request a meeting to discuss a proposed project and/or services under the eGov master contract.
  2. If the requesting agency decides to proceed with a project request, the requesting agency should submit a plain language request through the DoIT intake process at​.  The DoIT Intake process has been established to provide state agencies with a centralized point of entry to request support for their IT needs.  The DoIT Intake process serves as a "no wrong door" through which an agency can initiate conversations with the DoIT team to identify potential IT solutions that meet the agency's needs.  
  3. If DoIT approves the agency's request to work with NIC on the proposed project and/or services, the development of the draft WOR may be done in coordination with NIC.
  4. The Requesting Agency will identify their WO Manager, WO Procurement Officer, and business POC and include this information in the WOR. The business POC may be the WO Procurement Officer, at the Requesting Agency’s discretion.
    NOTE: Use the Work Order Request template to record this information.
  5. The Requesting Agency develops a draft WOR for submission and discussion and submits the completed WO Request to DoIT via email at

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